Sunday, May 27, 2012

Final day in Europe

It's Deedra (Deej) here reporting on our final day in Paris. Our day started off with us splitting into groups and doing different things. Dana, Izzy, Michelle, Kelsey and Tom all went to the Louvre museum and saw the actual painting of the Mona Lisa. I saw pictures of it on their cameras and they said it was small. I definitely thought it would be a big painting, so that was a shock. There were so many neat and amazing art sculptures there.

The team in Louxembourg Park.
While they were at the museum, the rest of us went into town and did some last-minute shopping. Instead of going to the big malls here, we decided to stay around the boutiques and smaller shops where we all found some good buys.

After shopping and doing some sightseeing, we met up in a beautiful park and had a team meeting. We reflected on this trip and how it has brought us all closer together. On top of that, all of the traveling and walking we did, we still managed to win all of our matches. When we finished our meeting, we got to go back to the Notre Dame cathedral and do a little more shopping. At the place where we were shopping, they supposedly have the "best" ice cream in the world. The lines for these places were out the doors and around the block. Unfortunately none of us got any because we wanted to save our appetites for our final dinner together in Europe.

Lemon ice cream at dinner.
This was by far everyone’s favorite meal of the entire trip. To start off, the place was 20,000 square feet. We were in the basement, which was pretty neat because it looked like a stone cave. For dessert, we all had apple tart, chocolate mousse, ice cream and the coolest one of the night: the lemon ice cream. It was served in an actual lemon! When we finished eating, an English man came to our table and sang some songs while playing his guitar. He was very good!

Carlie and Deedra dancing in the streets of Paris.
After dinner we walked back to the metro—or in mine and Kaitlind's case—danced back. When we got to the metro, we tried to run to make it on time. Unfortunately only Carlie and I made it, while Sam almost got caught in the door! Thank God I had Carlie with me because I had no idea how to get back. Good news is we all made it back to the hotel safe!

Well, lots of packing to get done tonight as we will be back in America tomorrow! Whoo! Can't wait to see my twin sister (Tori Foss). See everyone soon!

Deedra Foss


  1. It seems you enjoyed your stay in Europe. I've been in Paris with my hubby too. The Eiffel Tower in Paris was a memorable place for both of us, it's where he proposed to me.

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