Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rams in the newspaper

CSU appeared in Friday's Sicilian newspaper after defeating Akragas Volley, 3-1. Here is a somewhat-translated version of the article, in addition to a photo, which also appeared in the paper.


Great show at Nicosia Volleyball Women's contest between Colorado State University and the local education dell'Akragas volley that is having the play offs for promotion to Serie B / 1. The end result was three to one for the Americans who have proven to be technically superior to biancazzurre a span of President John Crust. The first set was won by Agrigento (with 25-21 Taniana Lombardo, Ilenia Buonfiglio Maiello and Hope in high dusting). Then came up with the class of the U.S. in May. In the second won by guests (16-25) with the American color Bri Paige, Megan Plairde and Kelsey Snider reach parity. In the third still on the shields of Colorado girls who carry the lead (14-25) thanks to the deadly crush of Dana Cranston, Sam Peters and the first Setter Deedra Foss.

In the last part without jolts success comes the host (17-25) with a large Izzy Gaulia and Mishelle Smith unsurpassed in defense. Coach Tom Hilbert has also used Dana Cransten, Kaitlind Bestgen, Kaila Thomas, Carlie Foust, Marlee Reyndds and Megan Plairde. The biancazzurre, however, have opposed a bona resistance Ilenia Buonfiglio, Maria Antonietta Of Monaco, Tatiana Lombard, Irene Pichierri and Livia Magherini that the net you are given a lot to do. The game, however, gave some guidance to the coach Tani Frinzi Russo that the term is considered satisfied in view of the play offs. The first semi-final opponent is the Caserta Volleyball. As you will remember biancazzurre, as one of the two best second of the three southern groups, the other is the Power Volleyball, passed unscathed and without playing the quarterfinals. As mentioned the opponent to be addressed is the Volley Caserta. In turn leg of the quarterfinals, in fact, considerably exceeded the casertane (3-0 and 3-1) and the Divine Love Roma Costaverde Cefalu went on to win (0-3) to Olbia surpassing them at home (3 -2). Cefalu and Caserta, then, are the semi-finalists and, considering that at this stage you may face two teams from the same group, it is certain that the next opponent is precisely where the Caserta Volleyball Milena Milita former aragonese Boteva.

Izzy Gaulia, Kelsey Snider, Dana Cranston and Michelle Smith
pose with the president of Akragas Volley. The team gave CSU
lemons and oranges after the match.

The Bulgarian naturalized for having just started playing in Italy he played at the Rio Aragon in Serie A / 2 and won again in Beach Volleyball Volleyball with Aragon trocolore two league titles. The meeting will take place Wednesday, May 23 at 20:30 Palace in Nicosia. The preparation, in view of the semifinals of the playoffs, will continue this afternoon. The girls, as mentioned, are all available with a Christian Messina, Annalisa Sannino, Maria Antonietta Of Monaco, Linda Scimè, Hope Maiello, fly-Daniela, Irene Pichierri, Tatiana Lombardo, Sasha and Livia Magherini Gebbia. The only not in good physical condition is the young Valentina Cassarino struggling with bursitis in the elbow and for a few days but it will definitely be able to be able to continue to be available for the meeting with casertane.

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